Landing Page

If you are trying to generate leads for your business, and you do not have at least a few landing pages on your website, you are missing out on a key opportunity to turn website visitors into conversion.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a special page on your website where you can offer any resource from your business in interchange for a visitor’s contact information. Marketers can catch this contact information using a lead generation form or contact form, where visitors can enter details like their name, mob no., email address, and other information.


How to build landing pages that convert visitors for free.

A good landing page is concentrated on a particular stream of traffic say, from an email campaign that’s promoting an ebook. Because the landing page is targeting that audience who are interested in this e-book, and because this e-book has exclusive information that clarifies on a topic your audience cares about, you can convert a good percentage of your website visitors into leads whom you can then follow up further.


Landing pages have one main purpose: to generate leads for your business. However, you can define those leads in many ways and offer more than one type of content or experience through this landing page.

Here are some amazing ways you can use a landing page to start a connection with your future customers:


If you have written a blog post that introduces a topic related to your audience, you can provide deeper interests in that topic by elaborating on the subject in an e-book. By using a landing page, you can use this resource behind a lead-generation form for people to download.


Email Newsletter Subscription

Suppose you write so many blog content on the same topic. Sure, you can develop an ebook or whitepaper that elaborates on specific details, but you can also offer your audience an email newsletter they can subscribe to for the latest content around your industry. On multiple blog posts, use a call-to-action (CTA) to invite readers to subscribe to your blog. This CTA can link to a different landing page where they enter their contact information for addition to your email list.


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